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Sacred Geometry

Practising since 2000

These fascinating geometric designs have the power to help you connect with the universe on a deeper level. The mathematical perfection seen in nature is reflected in sacred geometry. Many sacred shapes can be seen in nature and are all around us on a daily basis. They’re in the nautilus, flowers, fruit, animals, and beyond! These intriguing designs are woven into nature’s own core! On a physical, emotional, and even spiritual level, sacred geometry speaks to the astonishing ways these recurring shapes and patterns are discovered.

If you look at honeybees, you’ll notice that they build their honeycombs in hexagonal forms. Beyond that, if you look at a bee’s eyes under a microscope or via a micro camera lens, you’ll discover that these forms are also present in their eyes. They are realising and proving the value and cosmic intelligence that lurks inside these sacred shapes through modern science.

The roots of Sacred Geometry encompass the five platonic solids.

  • Fire is symbolised by the four-sided Tetrahedron.
  • Earth is symbolised by the six-sided Hexahedron.
  • Air is symbolised by the eight-sided Octahedron.
  • Water is symbolised by the twenty-sided Icosahedron.
  • Aether is symbolised as the twelve-sided Dodecahedron.
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