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Ways To Lead A Holistic Lifestyle


Ways To Lead A Holistic Lifestyle

What if I have to say I am only going to focus on your speaking skills as a recruiter, what would be your opinion?

You may agree for the interview, or you might just deny out of the fact that you have more to showcase than speaking skills. That’s just what Holistic Lifestyle means.

Meaning to – the complete person. The whole person. Holistic living consists of mind, body and soul. That means you don’t only focus on your personal growth or your mental health or the society. If you want to lead an encouraging lifestyle, you are supposed to consider all the areas as they are interconnected.

Be it a relationship, parenting journey, friendship, career, if you focus on one area you might lose the other important parts of life. People still think – career is life. Relationship is life. Friendship is life. However, the fact is all of them together are parts of the life, not individually ‘a life’.

Likewise, holistic living means to consider every area of the life to encourage better lifestyle. It nourishes mind, body and soul.

Moreover, you see the entire picture. If you are sick, you will not see the sickness, but you will know the background of your sickness. As in, you were anxious (mind), so you couldn’t sleep for days (body), you started skipping your meal and didn’t feel like meeting friends (soul), which lead to sickness.

But how does mind, body and soul works?


When you feed your mind with your thoughts, you also execute those thoughts in reality. One of the benefits of holistic lifestyle is taking care of your mind. What you think is what you present.

If you are overthinking all day about failure, you will not entirely focus on your success. Your actions will work in that direction leading to failure.

It’s important to have a mindset that is going to make you better, for a healthy – holistic lifestyle.


As I mentioned, what you think is what you present. When your mind has some thoughts, your body will act accordingly.

If you control your mind and feed it that you are going to achieve your 1 year’s target in 6 months, your body will act like that. You will stay energized, work harder and be consistent because that’s what your mind is asking your body to do.

Additionally, when it comes to nourishing your body, it also means taking care of your body. You must consider the kind of food you consume, and the kind of thoughts you consume. Your physical health has to be better for a holistic living. Or else it will affect the mind and soul as well.


You have to explore. You might not know what’s good for you. Nourishing your soul will help you create deeper connection with right people.

You may be lost right now. Ask yourself that what am I doing? Where am I leading? Are my friends encouraging me? Am I even socializing or isolating myself?

When you do self assessment you will realize where are you in life right now. And for a holistic lifestyle, you need to pamper your soul.

Have a purpose in life, compete with your older self, find people who will pick you up and encourage you, and have a bigger vision so that you can nourish your mind and body at the same time.

4 Benefits Of Holistic Lifestyle

One of the holistic health quotes says, The best six doctors anywhere – and no one can deny it – are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.” ~ Wayne Fields

I am hoping you could understand how much do we achieve in life through holistic living.

Here are the 4 benefits that will encourage healthy lifestyle.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual development means to look beyond materialistic things. You get a bigger vision. Every time you look at the world, you will have wider perspectives towards it.

For e.g. you will not appreciate a beauty unless the beauty consists of intelligence, smartness, better thoughts and understanding.

The importance of spiritual development is that it keeps you connected to the God. When you achieve holistic living, you also develop yourself spiritually and enjoy 7 stages of it.

7 spiritual development stages –
  • Claim your power
  • Recognition
  • Renunciation
  • Embracing greatness
  • Sovereignty
  • Integrating our roles in life
Reduces Stress

A holistic lifestyle promotes better mental health. That means you will probably reduce your stress level.

A reduced stress level impacts better physical health. The less stress you have, the more active you stay. If you are not so active, it will affect your progress and your mind and soul.

As all the three parts are interconnected, your stress level will impact them all. Then how will you live a happier life and a healthier life?

So, another important benefits of holistic living is reduced stress.

Personal Growth

Personal growth is achieved when you master in every area of life.

Let’s take your relationship. You are an expert in your professional field. You feed your family through the income generated and keep them happy. But, you fail at creating a good bond with them because you are always busy making money. So, what is happening here?

You are unable to balance between professional and personal life! When you decide to pursue holistic lifestyle, you unknowingly achieve personal growth.

Emotional Intelligence

People still struggle with emotional intelligence. Highly successful people are intelligent, smart but fail at understanding their employees, accepting their mistakes and taking responsibility for their action.

Through holistic living, you improve your emotional intelligence and get better at inter and intrapersonal skills.

Thus, these were some essential benefits of holistic living. And the reason we are talking about it today is to encourage your self growth.

Holistic living has showed positive impacts to every single people who decided to improve themselves. You will become stress-free, confident, have better relationships, more connection, mindfulness and fewer struggles.

Hope this helped.

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