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You Are The Master of Your Destiny

You Are The Master of Your Destiny

Do you know you are solely responsible for what is happening to you now and what will happen to you in the future as you are the master of your destiny? Knowingly or unknowingly you are constantly creating your future, your good luck or bad luck. You can’t blame anyone for the good or bad situations of your current or future life it is only you, yourself whom you can blame.


Your future will be just the same as your past if you don’t do anything to change it since we can say that each of us has and always will have the destiny we deserve as the most prevailing truth is things that happen to you are the result of your thoughts.


Everything is predetermined and nothing is predetermined it is just how you think and walks the path of life. It’s a very well know saying “We are what we think”, whether you create those thoughts consciously or unconsciously impacts your life.


You should bear in mind that whatever you can think or imagine will by itself tend to become reality. More strictly speaking, everything that is real on the mental plane is capable of materializing itself on the physical plane and will be endeavouring to do just that.



Everything that exists on the mental plane will constantly try to assume a physical manifestation, and sooner or later will succeed, whether this is convenient for the individual or not. You have to remember that everything that is mental tends to become physical. The unconscious does not distinguish between the physical and the psychic, or between the real and the unreal. All psychic content found on this plane is real, beyond whether it has a physical existence, logical coherence or not. Rather than cribbing the negative aspects of your life train your mind to think and imagine on a positive plane so that you can have the future of your expectations. The man who can control or tame his mind is the author of his life.

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